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Conkadiddle Shoeby Dang.

7 Oct

Okay. So, it’s me Wendy. I’ve been M.I.A for awhile but I’m back. lol. I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but I have started planning my X-mas outfit already.I always like planning ahead,but sometimes it gets a little out of hand. 😉

In my younger years.. ( I’m still only 18) in my quest to find my own style, I went through a metal head/mosher/rocker stage. I was adament I would stay that way forever and have my babies wearing rockabilly clothes. Anyways,things don’t always work out as you had planned. lol. I eventually rose from the darkness and realised I didn’t need a label of a style stuck on me. Nowadays I just wear what I want and do what I want and I don’t really give a fuck what anybody thinks.My style is undefined. I’m gone off track now. *screams*

So way back when, I developed a little obsession with T Uk shoes. My first pair I bought in a little boutique in Templebar here in Dublin.They were black with white polka dots and they had a peeptoe and were 6 inch high platforms. I still love the T Uk brand and I am comtemplating buying a pair as part of my x-mas outfit. Below I will post the ones I like the most. Choosing will be hard for me. I am very indecisive.