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Conkadiddle Shoeby Dang.

7 Oct

Okay. So, it’s me Wendy. I’ve been M.I.A for awhile but I’m back. lol. I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but I have started planning my X-mas outfit already.I always like planning ahead,but sometimes it gets a little out of hand. ūüėČ

In my younger years.. ( I’m still only 18) in my quest to find my own style, I went through a metal head/mosher/rocker stage. I was adament I would stay that way forever and have my babies wearing rockabilly clothes. Anyways,things don’t always work out as you had planned. lol. I eventually rose from the darkness and realised I didn’t need a label of a style stuck on me. Nowadays I just wear what I want and do what I want and I don’t really give a fuck what anybody thinks.My style is undefined. I’m gone off track now. *screams*

So way back when, I developed a little obsession with T Uk shoes. My first pair I bought in a little boutique in Templebar here in Dublin.They were black with white polka dots and they had a peeptoe and were 6 inch high platforms. I still love the T Uk brand and I am comtemplating buying a pair as part of my x-mas outfit. Below I will post the ones I like the most. Choosing will be hard for me. I am very indecisive.


Lets Go Bowling With Rihanna.

9 Sep

Okay so, I am like a huge Rihanna fan.. some may say it’s not healthy but whatever.She’s gorgeous, talented and she has an amazing style and so many sides to her. Like badass rockchick, then soft and feminine, just what ever the occasion ,she always has the look bang on.. would I say trend.. Hmm you see, I’m not sure that Rihanna follows a trend, I think she creates her own as she goes along.. And that, I admire.

A throwback from her bowling in 2009. I loved the pink jeans and the blouse look. I love pink, aha you learned something new about me wahahahah. Okay * twitch*

A few pieces from www.asos.com to re-create the look :

50c Sunglasses Hunt!

7 Sep

So, I love gettin a damn good bargain. Who doesn’t right? It feels so good to know that¬† I’ve gotten such a good deal on something I love!

I am obsessed with sunglasses and am always on the look out for cheap ones that look amazing! I wear¬†my sunglasses during the¬†day, when its sunny, when its raining, at night, in bed… hahah Nah not in bed, but you get the picture. I love sunglasses!

We have this store here in Ireland called Penneys/Primark. They don’t have an online store which totally sucks, but I always go in there everytime I go downtown. You wouldn’t buy your whole outfit in there, but you would buy pieces to mix and match¬†with your more expensive clothes¬†, accessories and basics like socks ( they have the cutest patterns in their socks)

So these sunglasses that I bought were originally 3 euro and they slashed em down to 1 euro and then when I went to pay for them, I only got charged 50c !

They have a Lady Gaga -ish, Rihanna vibe goin on and I officially love them and have gotten complimented on them already! Just goes to  show what you can get if you look hard enough!