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Halloween Ideas

4 Oct

My coworker invited me to my first college party. My first costume party in fact (i wasn’t a social child growing up so meh.)

I kinda don’t know what i want to be, I want to be the ho this year goddamn it. I usually go for amazing costumes or things that make me giggle. Last year for example i took a fitted sheet and cut two holes out of it. Here’s what I’d like to be

1. Vampire Snooki- cause she sucks.

2. El dia de los muertos- something similar to a brian viveros painting

3. Black panther- sticking it to the man. Not really hoish, but it would be pretty rad

4. Lady of the lake- thinking like really ethereal skin (blues, pinks, shimmers), long cascading wig with flowers in it, etc etc

5. Fairy- same thing as four but with wings.

6. 60s cat woman

7. Josephine Baker

8. Career of M. Night Shyamalan

So that’s basically it for me idea wise. I’m gonna have to figure something out.. does anyone have any ideas? What will you be on this marvelous day?