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New Top

20 Oct


First Day Of School

5 Sep

Hello lovely people .

So as you all you know we have a new member in the FAB(frocks and boys) family. Welcome Wendy. I am glad she’s bringing something new to this kind of new blog 🙂 .

And now going back to what this post is really about. My school is going to start on 20th September and to be honest I am not excited at all cos this is going to be my last year in university. But I have planned something for the first day and here it is.


Stripe Crop Tee, $26
Highlighter Rib U-Neck Tank, $22
Helmut Lang High-rise stretch-denim skinny jeans, $195
Yves Saint Laurent ‘Palais’ Platform Pump, $720
Home Sweet Home large leather hand bag, 150 GBP
Escape To Paris Necklace, $5.80
Laura Mercier – Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – Warm Radiance…, $55
M·A·C ‘To the Beach’ Lipstick – – Nordstrom, $15
NARS Blush – Orgasm, $26
L’Oreal Hip Chrome Eyeliner Black Shock Ulta.com – Cosmetics,…, $9.99
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($38 Value), $35
Amazon.com: Sony Cybershot DSCW300 13.6MP Digital Camera with 3x…, $600
Black Printed Leather, $325
MAC Lip Glass Lip Gloss – Steal My Heart, MAC, 10123983002, $19
Amazon.com: Mead Square Deal Fashion Composition Book, 100-Count, Wide…, $2.79

Lanvin at H&M

2 Sep

I didn’t post. I suck. I have a working life. I don’t get to have fun often. With that said, I present to you this awesomeness! Lanvin will be at H&M! Oh holy shit! (I just broke the cardinal rule of mainstream blogging, oh well) Usually, I don’t like the collabs, but this I am quite eager about! You can find out more information about it here.

I’m breaking another rule by not having flashy photos. Again, oh well.

Being Fierce (Pt. One)

12 Aug

Komal and I have discussed this post last week and I’ve been giving it thought. What make’s us fierce?  Hell, what makes me fierce? As cliche as the word seems, it still resonates. It’s not just the battle cry of Tyra Banks; it’s a word to describe the inner working of one’s self esteem. Simple enough right? Without this being the vapidness of a teen mag trying to tell girls how to feel, let me try to explain. Each of us want to describe our pathway into being comfortable with ourselves, what inspires us and what we rely on to achieve “fierce”.

Pretty much all my life I was the awkward kid. I was fat, really tall and had a glorious ‘fro. When I was a kid I never felt good about myself. I was haunted by any mirror and thought I was cursed with just utter ugliness.  I had kids throw staples in my hair and call me Chewbacca. Yeah, public school was an oasis for self worth. When I was 14 I lost a huge amount of weight. All of a sudden then I was awesome; my personality and intelligence magically mattered. Kids who once made fun of me all of a sudden wanted to be my friend. The paranoia of wanting to be thin/ keep my friends made me paranoid. I would exercise all day and sometimes starve myself in order to keep appearances. I remember one Easter I thought I ate way too many mashed potatoes, so I went to the bathroom and made myself vomit.

I still look at pictures from that point of my life and I’m in awe; I was gorgeous.  With no ego I can tell you I was beautiful. I just wish I could of felt that way then. The little girl who hated  the mirror was still there. Because I felt so awful about myself, I tried to still maintain their approval. Switching my love of Manic Panic and band t-shirts for Abercrombie and American Eagle. After awhile I became depressed. I was attracting the attention of people that didn’t truly care about me. After leaving high school I had time to reflect. All the kids I thought were my friends left me. At first I was really upset over it. It took me a year to realize I didn’t need them. During that year I learned another thing. I’m pretty.

Not just pretty in my current state. I’m pretty whenever. Be it wearing a t-shirt backwards (I do that a lot accidentally, don’t ask why.) or a maxi dress. Fierce is not just a matter of outward appearance, it’s a mental thing. It’s not something someone can automatically throw at you, you need to establish it for yourself. Fierce is an individual attitude. Once you establish what your attitude concerning self is  and figure out how you want to carry this attitude your personal style will emerge.

Are there other things that dictate wardrobe? Yes, but those points are more so in regards to items you own. Personal style has to do with the mentality you bring when those pieces are picked.  Clothing is our initial representative.  As humans we generalize and make quick assertions. Our brain does this as a way to quickly filter out things  it assumes will affect us badly. Clothing quickly sums up our personalities and what ever else we want others to see us as. Clothing also can dictate how we feel about ourselves. The confidence one can feel simply due to dressing well is amazing. Understanding What works for you and what you feel comfortable in is another part of developing an awareness of self.

Bright Eyes concert with BF .

2 Aug

I would wear/carry these things to an indie concert and especially if the band performing is Bright Eyes. I love Bright Eyes.
Not in any particular order.

1.Black Dress

2.Awesome Stockings

3.Shoes ( not sandles)

4.Bows in hair

5.Metallic Ring


7.Metal Shape Earrings

8.Britney Spears Perfume

9.CD Eye Shadows

10.Face/Eye/Makeup Primers.

11.Lots of  Bangles.

12.My YSL underground bag.

13.Pink Lipstick

14.Metallic silverish Nailpaint

15.Black Eyeliner

16.Estee Lauder Foundation

17.Bright Blush

18.Make up setting spray

19.Black Eye Liner

20.My iPhone

21.SLR Camera


zebra print bra
$16 – walmart.com
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Rose on Vine Ring
$15 – urbanoutfitters.com
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OPI Nail Lacquer: Beauty
$2.80 – amazon.com

wad of cash

First Date

28 Jul

If I have to go on my first date. I would definitely wear something like this.

Wilpshire Waisted Dress
69 GBP – aubinandwills.com
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17,850 JPY – hfm.co.jp
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$300 – dannijo.com
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Chanel 5183 Black and Azure
180 GBP – sunglasses-shop.co.uk
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MAC Lustreglass Lip Gloss

MAC ‘Viva Glam VII’ Lipstick
$14 – nordstrom.com

Paco Rabanne’s Black XS Parfum