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Halloween Ideas

4 Oct

My coworker invited me to my first college party. My first costume party in fact (i wasn’t a social child growing up so meh.)

I kinda don’t know what i want to be, I want to be the ho this year goddamn it. I usually go for amazing costumes or things that make me giggle. Last year for example i took a fitted sheet and cut two holes out of it. Here’s what I’d like to be

1. Vampire Snooki- cause she sucks.

2. El dia de los muertos- something similar to a brian viveros painting

3. Black panther- sticking it to the man. Not really hoish, but it would be pretty rad

4. Lady of the lake- thinking like really ethereal skin (blues, pinks, shimmers), long cascading wig with flowers in it, etc etc

5. Fairy- same thing as four but with wings.

6. 60s cat woman

7. Josephine Baker

8. Career of M. Night Shyamalan

So that’s basically it for me idea wise. I’m gonna have to figure something out.. does anyone have any ideas? What will you be on this marvelous day?


Shopping for new semester. (part 3 )

14 Sep

Accessories and Make up.

School time..

7 Aug

Well not  until September 8th.. I think.. maybe? Now I have to check; gives you an idea of how untop of things I am! Today I took my sister online clothes shopping. Which was basically us sitting listening to Gossip and Melissa Auf Der Maur. She was pretty stoked because it was the first time (she’s 15, so in the past years she’s been dragged to TJ Maxx) she got to buy whatever she wanted. I gave her free reign over my card; a little scary and a little awesome. My sister is growing up to be the type of kid I would of looked up to in highschool; she’s a cool kid. I don’t mean one of those popular girls, who end up subjected to North shore suburbia (Boston people reference to you.) I mean someone who is completely sure of themselves. Someone who wears waht they want without considering the stigma of highschool labels. I raised her well 🙂

I tried to give her an idea of whats out there; I have showed her the wonders of Asos, Tilly’s and so on. I made a couple of sets showcasing the awesomeness of what’s out there for her on Polymore (Those who saw it earlier know what I’m talking about.) She was pretty excited when she saw it all; apparently, I know my sister really, really well. Here are the sets I made for earlier, so you too can have some school shopping shananigans!

Off to the beach pretty people :D

6 Aug

Hello Beautiful people

Going to the beach. Come join me 😀 .

raw hem floral print hotpants
28 GBP –
More shorts »

Inspiration Necklace
$275 –
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Bobbi Brown Highlighter Pen
$32 –

Bright Eyes concert with BF .

2 Aug

I would wear/carry these things to an indie concert and especially if the band performing is Bright Eyes. I love Bright Eyes.
Not in any particular order.

1.Black Dress

2.Awesome Stockings

3.Shoes ( not sandles)

4.Bows in hair

5.Metallic Ring


7.Metal Shape Earrings

8.Britney Spears Perfume

9.CD Eye Shadows

10.Face/Eye/Makeup Primers.

11.Lots of  Bangles.

12.My YSL underground bag.

13.Pink Lipstick

14.Metallic silverish Nailpaint

15.Black Eyeliner

16.Estee Lauder Foundation

17.Bright Blush

18.Make up setting spray

19.Black Eye Liner

20.My iPhone

21.SLR Camera


zebra print bra
$16 –
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Rose on Vine Ring
$15 –
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OPI Nail Lacquer: Beauty
$2.80 –

wad of cash


2 Aug

I have heard a lot of the things I am going to talk about. There are few things that I wish I had but i have been little problems with money since i got my iPhone hehe. Anyhoo Here’s my wishlist.

1.Nars Blushes

Deep Throat

Nars Sin

Nars Torrid

2. Lancome Blush Brush

3.Givenchy Prisme Libre Face Powder

4.Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

5.Chanel and Clinique Lip Gloss Collection

I want every single colour.

6. YSL Lipsticks.

7. YSL downtown SILVER ( OMG )

8. Charlie Mcdonnell

I have a bad crush on this guy. He’s so cute.  I wish I could buy him and keep him with me forever .

there are a lot of other things that i want but for now these things will do. If you’re planning to send me any of those things please email me at :D.

If you’re feeling blue.

1 Aug

I can call myself a Nyx freak. I Love Nyx. Every single product of theirs is worth the price. Here’s a look i tried on before going out on a Thursday night.

The products I used were.

1. Nyx Pearl Eye Shadow Base.

2. Nyx Toffee Shimmer ( highlighter)

3. Nyx Single Eye Shadows

4. Nyx Mosaic Powder Blush

5.Nyx Doll Lipstick

6.Nyx Professional Black Mascara

7.Nyx Auto Eye Liner(black)