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Would I Go to Hell for Wearing This?

11 Oct

I’m from the school of thought Faux Fur mimics real fur therefore, in a way you’re still promoting it. However, I love this hat; this is the pinnacle of all hats.  The over exaggerated shag reminds me of Tina Turner’s wig when she released her solo stuff in the 80s.  I think this hat screams grungy, painfully-hip supermodel. I saw people wear this hat in my college last year, so is the trapper dead? Is faux fur something to reconsider if it’s purely acrylic (I’d 100 percent only go with plastic, not the type that’s a cheaper animal, dyed to look like the expensive shit.. still not cool man.)? If something is done with a side of irony, ostentatious or an homage to a trend does that make the item ok to wear?


You can get the hat here, while I go on debating.. I am so indecisive!


Money Makes The World Go Around.. or Let’s me Buy Stuff for This Fall.

14 Sep

I don’t know what it is, now that I’m trying to save money my mind tries to think of elaborate ways to spend my pay check. Here’s some things I want/ will be happy if you purchase, so I can live vicariously through you. All these items are plus sized, with these exceptions of accessories (obviously) and the top shop fox shirt.  Also three more things: I won the bow contest on Chubble Bubble’s Blog (o62190, hello what’s up!) I’m sorry I took so long to reply, last week was a hectic week. But I want to give a huge thank you to the Owner of Chubble Bubble! I’m really excited and I still can’t believe it lol. I was checking my own birthday in disbelief lol. Secondly, a spammer wrote our blog as “frocks and britches.” I had like 30 seconds of unadulterated laughter. I think it was largely in part due to a lack of sleep and all I could think of was “Frocks and bitches” Komal.. Wendy.. maybe we can eventually have a sister site called that?Finally I apologize for the formatting, my PC doesn’t want to be friendly this morning; this friggin symbiotic relationship of ours. Anywhoo, enjoy


21Men – Sweaters – 2000004042
$22 –

Shop The Look
$10 –

Shopping for new semester. (part 3 )

14 Sep

Accessories and Make up.

50c Sunglasses Hunt!

7 Sep

So, I love gettin a damn good bargain. Who doesn’t right? It feels so good to know that  I’ve gotten such a good deal on something I love!

I am obsessed with sunglasses and am always on the look out for cheap ones that look amazing! I wear my sunglasses during the day, when its sunny, when its raining, at night, in bed… hahah Nah not in bed, but you get the picture. I love sunglasses!

We have this store here in Ireland called Penneys/Primark. They don’t have an online store which totally sucks, but I always go in there everytime I go downtown. You wouldn’t buy your whole outfit in there, but you would buy pieces to mix and match with your more expensive clothes , accessories and basics like socks ( they have the cutest patterns in their socks)

So these sunglasses that I bought were originally 3 euro and they slashed em down to 1 euro and then when I went to pay for them, I only got charged 50c !

They have a Lady Gaga -ish, Rihanna vibe goin on and I officially love them and have gotten complimented on them already! Just goes to  show what you can get if you look hard enough!


First Day Of School

5 Sep

Hello lovely people .

So as you all you know we have a new member in the FAB(frocks and boys) family. Welcome Wendy. I am glad she’s bringing something new to this kind of new blog 🙂 .

And now going back to what this post is really about. My school is going to start on 20th September and to be honest I am not excited at all cos this is going to be my last year in university. But I have planned something for the first day and here it is.


Stripe Crop Tee, $26
Highlighter Rib U-Neck Tank, $22
Helmut Lang High-rise stretch-denim skinny jeans, $195
Yves Saint Laurent ‘Palais’ Platform Pump, $720
Home Sweet Home large leather hand bag, 150 GBP
Escape To Paris Necklace, $5.80
Laura Mercier – Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – Warm Radiance…, $55
M·A·C ‘To the Beach’ Lipstick – – Nordstrom, $15
NARS Blush – Orgasm, $26
L’Oreal Hip Chrome Eyeliner Black Shock – Cosmetics,…, $9.99
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($38 Value), $35 Sony Cybershot DSCW300 13.6MP Digital Camera with 3x…, $600
Black Printed Leather, $325
MAC Lip Glass Lip Gloss – Steal My Heart, MAC, 10123983002, $19 Mead Square Deal Fashion Composition Book, 100-Count, Wide…, $2.79

Pretty Things List (9/3/10)

4 Sep

Fedora Hat

4 Sep

So lately I have been completely obsessing over Fedora hats and have asked almost 5 friends of mine to get one for me if they spot one. Hope everyone gets one for me *giggle* . So when and why did I fall in love with Fedora? I saw Hillary Duff wearing one in Gossip Girl 3 and it looked great on her. I think  Fedora hat gives you a very Indie kid kind of look which is my personal favorite . It can also make any kind of dress look really casual.  I love the ones with pattern or plain jute ones. I won’t mind the classic burberry pattern on my hat. I hope I find one soon otherwise I will have to steal it from Hillary Duff. ^^ .