Would I Go to Hell for Wearing This?

11 Oct

I’m from the school of thought Faux Fur mimics real fur therefore, in a way you’re still promoting it. However, I love this hat; this is the pinnacle of all hats.  The over exaggerated shag reminds me of Tina Turner’s wig when she released her solo stuff in the 80s.  I think this hat screams grungy, painfully-hip supermodel. I saw people wear this hat in my college last year, so is the trapper dead? Is faux fur something to reconsider if it’s purely acrylic (I’d 100 percent only go with plastic, not the type that’s a cheaper animal, dyed to look like the expensive shit.. still not cool man.)? If something is done with a side of irony, ostentatious or an homage to a trend does that make the item ok to wear?


You can get the hat here, while I go on debating.. I am so indecisive!


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