Money Makes The World Go Around.. or Let’s me Buy Stuff for This Fall.

14 Sep

I don’t know what it is, now that I’m trying to save money my mind tries to think of elaborate ways to spend my pay check. Here’s some things I want/ will be happy if you purchase, so I can live vicariously through you. All these items are plus sized, with these exceptions of accessories (obviously) and the top shop fox shirt.¬† Also three more things: I won the bow contest on Chubble Bubble’s Blog (o62190, hello what’s up!) I’m sorry I took so long to reply, last week was a hectic week. But I want to give a huge thank you to the Owner of Chubble Bubble! I’m really excited and I still can’t believe it lol. I was checking my own birthday in disbelief lol. Secondly, a spammer wrote our blog as “frocks and britches.” I had like 30 seconds of unadulterated laughter. I think it was largely in part due to a lack of sleep and all I could think of was “Frocks and bitches” Komal.. Wendy.. maybe we can eventually have a sister site called that?Finally I apologize for the formatting, my PC doesn’t want to be friendly this morning; this friggin symbiotic relationship of ours. Anywhoo, enjoy


21Men – Sweaters – 2000004042
$22 –

Shop The Look
$10 –


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