Color Commentary of the VMAS….. Well until 9 when true blood starts

13 Sep

I’m on the PC while the family watches this piece of awful shit. Here’s some thoughts I have

1. Katy Perry should not talk

2. Jay Sean should not talk, but I should be able to oogle at him and giggle like a school girl.

3. Sean Kingston is the next Morgan Freeman. Not the grand-daughter marrying, but the voice.

4. My mother just said “Holy shit is our tv that fucked up or is snooki that orange.”

5. Snooki is not a fashion icon.

6. I wonder if the British reporter cries alone at night and says ‘I wanted to be Edward R Murrow! Now I’m sucking Justin Bieber’s ass.”

7. Probably not, but wouldn’t that be cool?

8. I feel bad for Sway.

9. I miss the old free credit report online guys. This new band sucks the ass. mom “The fuck is up with Jared Leto’s hair?”

11. I have no interest in the world of Jenk. Though I do enjoy how awkward it was for the reporter when Andrew Jenk totally smashed his notion of him moving in with celebrities. You’re right sir it shouldn’t be just about celebrities.

12. My sister just said “Jasmine is going to put a photo of Justin Bieber in my locker, cause she knows my combo, but won’t tell me when. Just to fuck with me.”

13. My mother just said “You could of said four.”

14. He does look like Hilary Swank.

15. I don’t mind Nicki Minaj. Mainstream wise she isn’t bad. Like I would actually buy her stuff.

16. Less Will I AM.

17. Less auto tune; it’s not a disco in Europe.

18. Explosive? No. As my sister eloquently put it “That sucked.” Well played, well played.

19. “Thank god for Pop tarts!” My mom said.

20. Like the 4th time this shit insurance commercial has played.

21. Never use the phrase “Up in here” ever. It will make me punch you in the face.

22. “Up in this bitch”  makes me giggle, and therefore give you respect.

23. I’ve never thought of the Jersey Shore cast as reviewers, but what is oen to do

24.Did it sound like they cut to her too quickly..”Oh it’s a train wreck to watch.”  Right after the jersey shore review. I think someone’s gonna get a stern talking to tomorrow.

25. 14 min. till true blood. SEXY!

26. Tom Brady and that awful hair cut. The Pats better win this year!

27. I like this B.O.B. fella.  Anyone who uses River Como in a video has my seal of approval.

28. Yay! Gabbi!! You go girl!

29. My carpet is black! HAH

30. Kesha is not rocker chic. She’s the heinous bitch you accidentally bring home and cry about afterwards. The bitch who makes you reacess your life plan.

31. She wants to touch Beyonce. That’s fucking creepy.


33. “I would hate to sit behind lady gaga.” my sister said.

34. Wow that’s really nice of lady gaga to take this event and do something socially conscious.


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