50c Sunglasses Hunt!

7 Sep

So, I love gettin a damn good bargain. Who doesn’t right? It feels so good to know that  I’ve gotten such a good deal on something I love!

I am obsessed with sunglasses and am always on the look out for cheap ones that look amazing! I wear my sunglasses during the day, when its sunny, when its raining, at night, in bed… hahah Nah not in bed, but you get the picture. I love sunglasses!

We have this store here in Ireland called Penneys/Primark. They don’t have an online store which totally sucks, but I always go in there everytime I go downtown. You wouldn’t buy your whole outfit in there, but you would buy pieces to mix and match with your more expensive clothes , accessories and basics like socks ( they have the cutest patterns in their socks)

So these sunglasses that I bought were originally 3 euro and they slashed em down to 1 euro and then when I went to pay for them, I only got charged 50c !

They have a Lady Gaga -ish, Rihanna vibe goin on and I officially love them and have gotten complimented on them already! Just goes to  show what you can get if you look hard enough!



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