Astrology & Fashion

4 Sep

Hola Hola! So, on my web travels today I found some very interesting articles about how ones astrological sign can affect how they like to dress and how they express themselves.I am a typical Aries and I found my one to be pretty accurate I must admit. Let’s see if anybody else can relate with theirs.


Loves to draw attention with their style. A strong sense of individuality. You will find most Aries girls love to wear bold patterns and can sometimes look slightly ridiculous but being an Aries they don’t really care what others think.They are likely to sport eye-catching hair styles. Most likely to be dyed a crazy color and cut in an edgy fashion.


A lover of designer clothes, they are sexy and sometimes muscular. They will have their designer pieces on display but have a wardrobe full of old clothes that they hope they can rock again in a few months. Taurus women may like streamlined sleek dresses in a natural, earthy color.


Flirtatious Gemini, love to dress up without any fuss, but never fail to look amazing! Geminis make a statement without even wearing clothes. For a casual look, t-shirts and jeans fit the bill, and for a more formal look, a black figure hugging dress.


Cancer dresses according to their mood. You can tell how a cancer feels by the way they dress.You may often see a cancerian wearing monochrome colours and looking very smart.Blending fabrics is something they love to do! Silk & Cotton or Denim and Cotton tend to be a favored mix.


Leo loves to be in the spotlight and likes to wear well-cut, elegant pieces.Depending on their mood, they can go from dressing very neatly to looking quite messy, but still looking very hot all the while. Leos love vibrant colors and prints that make heads turn.


A daredevil by nature. Revealing clothing is a must. They go by the saying ” If you got it flaunt it baby” Virgo tend to always look very sexy no matter what.Always catching the attention of men. They like delicate pieces of jewelery and love the color white. They contradict themselves with their clothing. Virginal colours but revealing cuts.


Obsessed with beauty, these girls follow fashion and are always bang on trend. They always look fresh and aware! Long dresses in pastel shades would look good. Aswell as sleek black and grey.Librans will most definitely be wearing a contemporary design!


Sexy Scorpio, show off their passionate side wearing velvet or crepe material. These women will love dressing up for special occasions and a long floaty dress will be the ticket.If trying to impress, a strapless dress will be worn. Scorpians never look sloppy or shaggy. They are always looking extremely flawless.


Independent and fierce, they like to create their own fashion, rather than follow current trends.Very adveturous, they love to try new looks. Sometimes failing, but most of the time succeeding in looking fine! Delicate shades of beige would bring out their sunkissed glow.


Caps dress very casually unless they have to step up to the mark. Jeans with a cotton polo is consistent look. Sundresses in vegetable colours always look good on them! For romantic evenings, a blockprint, sophisticated style may be observed.


Unconventional by nature, Aquarians love to shock people with their wears! Red lips and striking eye make up is a must. Also, they will love to wear sequins and glitter! Tight dresses are to be avoided, but geometric cuts are very flattering.


Simple & Clean! They love denim and will pair jeans with blouses, t-shirts and strap tops. Jeans are a key part of their wardrobe.Their clothes are always very versatile with a high durability. The colors of salmon and turquoise are favored.Fluid shapes look bewitching on them.



2 Responses to “Astrology & Fashion”

  1. itsstrangelyme September 5, 2010 at 6:12 pm #

    Nice post, I’ve never seen a fashion horoscope before, interesting.

  2. lady vivian September 6, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    im a cancer and thats pretty darn close(i have to dress smart hen i have court simulations on my legal course)

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