3 Sep

I am sorry readers. I have been really lazy and haven’t posted anything in a long long time. I have had a few ideas in mind plus Bebe wants to add one more member to our FAB(frocks and boys) family. So you might see a lot  more posts coming your way and 3 opinions about everything. We’re cool like that.

Anyways enough jabbering. This post is about 2 latest Hand Bag trends.

1. Hippie Bags.

2.Blue Bags.

Blue bags are going to be in once the new season of Gossip Girl starts. Plus I have seen photos of a lot of celebrities carrying blue bags.

And if you think you’re too cool to carry that blue bag or hate Gossip Girls you can always show off with hippie bags. I have a strange connection to Hippie bags cos I am from India. I have seen these bags on streets since my childhood for around 4$ to 10$ and I am talking about good quality bags. I can’t imagine anyone selling them for prices as high as LV and Chanel bags. I mean come on! I have used like twenties of them since my childhood. If anyone of you is interested in buying the hippie bags plan a trip to India and shop with me. Just saying haha!


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