Pettiness in An Article

11 Aug

So logging on to MSN tonight (I refuse to use Gmail.. I’m one of those.) I saw an article about Gabbi from YFF.  Maybe I should of gotten the idea that just from the title (MTV’s Ridiculous $100,00 Tweets), but the article  written by  Hunter Walker  is absolutely petty. The author takes great lengths to diminish anything and everything. Spelling on twitter? Really?  I’ve never seen Twitter as the beacon of anything from a literary stand point. The same goes with blogging- if  the queen’s English and a better vernacular were in order, why not read something with more clout? I think why blogs/ twitter have such a mass appeal is simply due to how approachable they are. It’s an open forum that allows people to publicly discuss opinions and items in informal jargon.  That approachability is obviously what MTV wants. An individual who can broadcast information at a rate that’s quick and something the reader can identify with. The idea of deeming her the digital  “Jesse Camp” is just absurd.  Jesse Camp epitomized 90s culture in a condensed platform. He was a caricature of what MTV considered a lead demographic at that point. Yes, Gabbi does pose as a representative of the demographic they want, but here is the difference:  she is not an extreme. She realistically represents their target audience, opposed to some clever move to cover all of their bases.

Her job description basically enables her to be the middle man between viewers/ consumers and the MTV network. Her job is to connect to the audience, make some comments about MTV and go from there. I’ve never seen Colin Quinn, Downtown Julie Brown,  Fab Five Freddie, or Carson Daily criticized for the items the author has decided to nit pick.  Even more currently, would the “reporters” during the MTV news reports be compared to Edward R. Murrow or criticized for their non news like tone? Also, to make comment about the amount of money;  she won a contest. Let’s be frank now, would you enter a contest if the prize was “A starting salary of 30 k and a really awesome parking space?’ No, no one would. That’s the beauty of contests; prizes are ostentatious and are designed to gain attention.  The prize would of been a large sum of money, regardless of the position. There’s no need to question Gabbi’s validity or how competent she is as an employee.


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