School time..

7 Aug

Well not  until September 8th.. I think.. maybe? Now I have to check; gives you an idea of how untop of things I am! Today I took my sister online clothes shopping. Which was basically us sitting listening to Gossip and Melissa Auf Der Maur. She was pretty stoked because it was the first time (she’s 15, so in the past years she’s been dragged to TJ Maxx) she got to buy whatever she wanted. I gave her free reign over my card; a little scary and a little awesome. My sister is growing up to be the type of kid I would of looked up to in highschool; she’s a cool kid. I don’t mean one of those popular girls, who end up subjected to North shore suburbia (Boston people reference to you.) I mean someone who is completely sure of themselves. Someone who wears waht they want without considering the stigma of highschool labels. I raised her well 🙂

I tried to give her an idea of whats out there; I have showed her the wonders of Asos, Tilly’s and so on. I made a couple of sets showcasing the awesomeness of what’s out there for her on Polymore (Those who saw it earlier know what I’m talking about.) She was pretty excited when she saw it all; apparently, I know my sister really, really well. Here are the sets I made for earlier, so you too can have some school shopping shananigans!


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