Hottie of the Month ( August)

7 Aug

“It’s not my fault I look cute when I am suppose to look ugly and nerdy”. That’s what Aaron might have said if he had met me after I watched Kickass. I recently saw the movie and when I was watching the movie I felt I had already seen Dave in another movie. Then I went up on IMDB and checked . He’s the same guy who played John Lennon in Nowhere Boy. I wasn’t a really big fan of this guy but he managed to look so cute in that nerdy get up of his. Long messy hair, big glasses, and loose clothes made him look even more cuter.He managed to look cute in Nowhere Boy as well but in Kickass he’s totally different.  I have a soft corner for cute nerds and I have to say Dave is the cutest nerd ever. ^^

Too Friggin bad this 19 year old is married to a 46 year old woman.

Anyways that was a lot of yapping here are some pictures of him.


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