Lady Gaga Series

2 Aug

Hello Everyone
I love Lady Gaga hence I am going dedicate a few posts on my small cute and right now little blog ^^to her. I will be posting toned down versions of Lady GAGA’s looks. Toned down looks will inspired from Lady Gaga but totally wearable in public. I love her style and I don’t want to offend anyone. Love you Gaga .

Look 1 .
This is the look from Lady Gaga’s entry in her first video Poker Face.

How to attain that sexy smarty leather look

Look Number 1


Enhance this dress with leather pants.

And then you wear your perfect pair of boots.

Throw a jacket over the dress

And no look is complete without proper sunglasses

Finish it off with a bracelet

Links to all the items

Look Number 2





Links to these items*&Mrsavf=*&

Plus Size Look





All items available at

If you want me to do a less expensive version of this look please leave a comment below.

Next look will be a look under $150-200 .


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