Bright Eyes concert with BF .

2 Aug

I would wear/carry these things to an indie concert and especially if the band performing is Bright Eyes. I love Bright Eyes.
Not in any particular order.

1.Black Dress

2.Awesome Stockings

3.Shoes ( not sandles)

4.Bows in hair

5.Metallic Ring


7.Metal Shape Earrings

8.Britney Spears Perfume

9.CD Eye Shadows

10.Face/Eye/Makeup Primers.

11.Lots of  Bangles.

12.My YSL underground bag.

13.Pink Lipstick

14.Metallic silverish Nailpaint

15.Black Eyeliner

16.Estee Lauder Foundation

17.Bright Blush

18.Make up setting spray

19.Black Eye Liner

20.My iPhone

21.SLR Camera


zebra print bra
$16 –
More clothing »

Rose on Vine Ring
$15 –
More rings »

OPI Nail Lacquer: Beauty
$2.80 –

wad of cash


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