It All Started With…

24 Jul

A simple idea; a thought about making a fashion blog, but never going through with it.  It wasn’t until a conversation about clothing and make-up with my partner in crime Komal did I realize it was something amazing. Komal and I have known each other for five years; talking about boys and makeup since.  We both have different perspectives and different lives. She’s originally from India, now studying engineering in the UAE. I’m a Bostonian teetering between art and psychology. Even with the differences in our lives we can still talk for hours about fashion. That’s what this blog is about. It’s about finding the common threads between the two of us and blogging about it.  This is a blog that will dedicate itself to fashion. That means clothes, make up, boys, partying, etc etc. Anything absolutely glamorous and fabulous will be covered!

Mind you we are new to this; we’re going to make mistakes. I think a big part of fashion is the risk taking. It’s the ability to understand what message the items you wear say to others.  This blog will showcase our triumphs and missteps. Everything we do works around our sensibilities. This is a learning process (I’d like to thank the owner of Chubble Bubble for e-mailing me back to help me with UK sizes. Next pay check I’m buying something from Evans! Whoo.) and a trial and error process. A large part of this is trying to be a resource for readers. Speaking for myself momentarily, alot of the plus sized blogs out there really helped me.  I’m a size 24 and last year I started my first real job; dressing up for events, etc etc. Before this I was a jean and hoodie type. I’d wear a bright pair of onitsuka tigers and call it a day. I had no idea the possibilities one had.  Finding those blogs and reading their entries allowed me to consider the realm of fashion. Before this I could pick stuff for others,but never for myself. Chubble Bubble, Young fat and fabulous, and Musings of a Fatshionista gave me the confidence and the guidance to wear flattering/ amazing clothes. We hope from this blog the reader can fabulous and feel confident in what they buy.



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